Residents' Management Companies

Residents’ Management Companies members are usually the leaseholders. Residents’ management companies are also known as:-

  • Block Management Companies
  • Flat Management Companies
  • Residents Associations
  • Management Company

Red Brick manages many different developments of flats, blocks and houses, on behalf of residents’ management companies.

How do our clients benefit?

We are widely experienced in the many and varied requirements of all aspects of leasehold block management and freehold estate management, the internal workings of those companies, and the legal and legislative responsibilities associated therewith.

To all intents and purposes we ensure that the directors of the residents’ management companies, our client, fulfil their obligations in law by advising them, receiving their instructions, and then acting on those instructions.

Our clients benefit from a full range of services, often tailored to individual flat management and estate management requirements, but always in accord with our core values of honesty, integrity, and transparency. As will be seen from the testimonials featured on this website, our clients are enjoying an enhanced service experience, through a team of dedicated, friendly and professional property managers and support staff. We are dedicated to achieving the appropriate balance of service provision and cost, and to fully supporting our clients in the fulfilment of their legal and legislative obligations, both through personal interaction, and updates delivered through this website and its client access facilities.

“If you are a residents’ management company thinking of changing managing agent why not contact us, either by post, or by email at You could be receiving a comprehensive, value led and enhanced property management service sooner than you think”

Why do we need a Residents' Management Company?

A building will not manage itself, and there is much to be done if the leaseholders are to receive the services promised in the leases and the building kept in good repair; insurance needs to be put in place and renewed on time; bills need to be paid and services maintained; local authority and legal requirements must be met. The leaseholders’ capital investment in their flats must be maintained and their individual rights of enjoyment of the flats ensured.


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