What is Compliance Management

Breaches of Lease terms and Covenants, as well as Covenants contained within a freehold Transfer, can be a tedious task to resolve. Our Legal and Technical team can assist clients by providing clarification as to what can and cannot be done where breaches occur, and advise on requisite steps towards their resolution.

Coordination Process

Process transparency is at the heart of regulatory compliance and quality management. If how a business operates – who does what, why and when – is unclear, the organization will be unable to effectively institute business controls, policies, procedures, and a system of audit to sustain operational excellence.

Our team will:

Liaise with clients where breaches have taken place

RBM will assist Directors and residents on lease interpretation and assist in ensuring that leaseholders abide by the terms of their lease.

Advise the perpetrators of the breach on the remedies available to the client

Our legal and technical team can assist the board of Resident Directors and Leaseholders in providing clarification of what constitutes a breach and what is required to achieve resolution

Assist with enforcement action

Right to Manage is the legal right for leaseholders to take over the management responsibility of their property from the freeholder.

Instruct solicitors to resolve disputes were appropriate

Our team describes a range of formal methods for resolving disputes that fall short of taking the matter to court, the results of which a court of law would be inclined to uphold should a disgruntled party insist on taking the matter all of the way to a court hearing.

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Legal Assistance

Of course, sometimes breaches occur due to ignorance rather than a deliberate act. We will assist clients and leaseholders/owners on lease/transfer interpretation and assist in ensuring that all parties abide by the terms of the lease/transfer.

Licensing Matters

We will also deal with matters relating to licenses and consent, for instance as regards:

  • Structural and other Alterations
  • Access to adjoining properties, say for maintenance purposes
  • Party Wall matters
  • Drainage Licenses
  • Wayleaves

Clients can be assured that we have at our disposal all the requisite skills and knowledge to deal with any Legal and Technical matters arising in a prompt, competent, comprehensive and professional manner.

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