What is Maintenance Management

Most residents only see the physical side of maintenance being undertaken at their development (for instance cleaning, gardening and window cleaning), and often forget about the other services such as insurance, supply of electricity to common parts, Health and Safety, etc., any or all of which services, and more, may be required to be provided.

Maintenance is a significant expense for clients and service recipients. Financial prudence is a pivotal part of our operation and has to be exercised at all times, hence the reason why our property managers will as often as possible and practicable obtain quotations for client approval from approved independent contractors, resulting in the ability to consider informed choices in order to achieve objective conclusions.


Services we provide

Where required we will provide the following services:

  • Obtaining of quotations for contract works
  • Provision of specifications for ‘day to day’ contract works
  • Obtaining of quotations for repairs
  • Organising of repairs
  • Appointment of contractors on behalf of our client
  • Procurement of Health and Safety, and Fire Safety, Inspections
  • Energy/Utilities Surveys

“We know that a well-maintained property produces the highest returns for owners – and we’re proud to offer a long list of satisfied owners as testimony to our maintenance programs”

One stop solution

Our staff has the ability to identify and solve your maintenance issues quickly and effectively utilizing our network of carefully screened vendors – vendors who know the level of service and quality our clients expect. As part of our maintenance program, we provide regular site inspections of the property, present our findings to the Board, and assist in securing bids when maintenance work is needed.

We know that residents require these services to be carried out to an appropriate standard, regularly and with the minimum of fuss, and in a cost effective manner. Our Property Managers make sure that these objectives are achieved, visiting each of our developments periodically to check on the standard of work carried out by contractors and service providers.

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